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SP Deloraya Job Contracting & Consultancy Services, Inc. is one of the leading service contractors/manpower service provider in the country, having more than nineteen (19) years of servicing local and Philippine-based multinational companies. We provide end-to-end human resources administration or independent service contracting and other innovative outsourcing services. Our manpower pool varies from executive, professional, technical, skilled and unskilled that can be contracted on temporary, co-terminus or on a project-basis arrangement. We provide decent jobs and creating more to every Filipino we serve.

Why Service Contracting?
By Sarah P. Deloraya

Do what you do best and outsource the rest!

This prescription from Tom Peters, management guru, is a mantra for our modern business times.

Outsourcing is the way to go. Engaging a third party provider of human resource may be the most important element to operate your business—for greater efficiency, less legal complication, and enhanced competitiveness and profitability.

As a past president of the Philippine Association of Legitimate Service Contractors (PALSCON), a brand leader in service contracting, I have evolved in years of practice 12 reasons why service contracting is the wave of the future. Here they are:

  1. It is a better legal option. The existence of outsourcing, or service contracting, or subcontracting is rationalized by a demand that needs to be supplied; by a business; and by the altruistic reason of being able to provide jobs, no matter the duration, to afford opportunity to acquire skills and experience which is required to get regular or get better paying job.

  2. It strikes a balance between the need of business for numerical and functional flexibility. By numerical, we mean enabling a business to respond to market fluctuations more efficiently, capacitating it to quickly match labor to product requirements. This, in turn, lessens redundancy costs consequent to the rigidities of hiring and firing. For example, some companies may need more personnel during peak seasons like holidays or harvest-time. By functional, we mean increasing the range of tasks brought about by new technology which requires the mobilization of new workers with skills specific to the technology and which may not be available within the company. For example, given a new technology, a company may need a team to train them to adapt it and adopt to it.

  3. Reduced overhead cost because the skills required may already be available upon outsourcing rather than having to train newly hired staff.

  4. Reduced investment on assets. For example, by outsourcing cleaners or janitors, a company need not devote financial resources to acquire cleaning equipment and supplies.

  5. Improved management and control. Outsourcing allows for a “leaner and meaner” set up, enabling a business to focus on its core competencies. For example, a manufacturing company may no longer engage in promotion and distribution and instead outsource it.

  6. Enhanced efficiency and effectiveness. A business that outsources reaps benefits in terms of efficiency and effectiveness, particularly in areas where it excels. Legitimate and responsible service contractors bring with them years of experience and expertise in delivering complex outsourcing tasks. Thus, they can do the job better with their knowledge and understanding of business situations, leading to increased productivity and efficiency, which in turn impacts on the business’ bottom line.

  7. Open access to skills, expertise, and technology. Service providers bring with them skills, expertise, and technology which is open to access by a principal. A business no longer needs to invest in expensive recruitment and training for its business as service contractors take care of these through their diverse manpower pool. Service contractors, to remain competitive, naturally invest in well-educated and highly-skilled manpower.

  8. Faster and better services. When a business outsources its non-core operation, such as distribution, it reaps the reward of decreased lead time to bring the product to the market. It results to faster conversion of ideas into products and services as value-added proposition.

  9. The law is friendly, clear, and reasonable. To be a successful service contractor, one needs only to comply with the law and DO 18-A, Series of 2011. Unlike previous regulations, D.O 18-A recognizes sub-contracting as a legitimate business undertaking and regulates it to induce legitimate, responsible, and ethical sub-contracting with enterprise competitiveness enhancement and decent jobs as clear achievable outcomes.

  10. PALSCON is there. The PALSCON, as a DOLE partner, is one reason to engage in service contracting. It is active in its advocacy, polices its own ranks, and accepts only legitimate and responsible service contractors registered with D.O. 18-A. A PALSCON member complies with D.O. 18-A: it has a P3-M paid-up capital or net worth, with proof of ownership or lease contract for its tools, equipment, machinery, and work premises that are actually used for sub-contracted work, and an ethical proponent of a Labor Code-compliant service agreement.

  11. There is a required Service Agreement. This agreement must supply the specific description of job, work, or service being outsourced or contracted/sub-contracted or to be performed by the employee; the place of work and terms and conditions governing the contracting arrangement or of employment; the term or duration of the service contract or employment (co-extensive); reiterates the rights of the contractor’s employee as provided in the Labor Code, Net Financial Contracting Capacity; and the minimum administrative service fee of 10% based on gross billing.

  12. There are DON’Ts in service contracting/sub-contracting:

    • Do not enter into contract with a labor-only contractor (LOC).
    • Do not enter into contract with a “cabo”.
    • Do not enter into contract with a “fly-by-night” agency.
    • Do not create an “in-house” agency.
    • Do not enter into contract with a pseudo manpower cooperative.
    • Do not fail to afford due process of law when dismissing employees.
    • Do not enter into a PRPA Agreement when deploying manpower.

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S. P. Deloraya Job Contracting & Consultancy Services, Inc. was established on 15 April 1996, duly registered under Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and registered under D.O. 18-A with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

A legitimate & labor laws compliant service contractor/manpower service provider with a steady maintenance of manpower pool, tools, equipment, facilities & substantial capital to undertake it’s clients’ needs.

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